Long Distance Ambulance Services

Long Distance Ambulance

With Qualified medical personnel To accompany the patient

How we work

For patients who require to travel up and down from Singapore and Malaysia, we offer long distance ambulance services. 

This is an economical choice as compared to a private air ambulance. 

Our medical team will accompany the patient throughout the entire journey from Singapore to Malaysia or vice-versa.

A medical assessment needs to be done prior to arranging the trip to ensure that it is safe for the patient to travel overland in an ambulance.

Upon approval, we will schedule the trip and take care of all necessary paperwork with the sending and receiving hospital.

During the journey, the patient will be accompanied by a Registered Nurse and/or Flight Paramedic Doctor, who will administer all necessary medical care, medications, and assist with any other patient needs.

Once the trip is complete, the medical escort will accompany the patient to the receiving facility, and provide the post-journey report to ensure a safe and smooth transition for the patient.

AIR AMBULANCE SG takes care of all of the transport details, from arranging the required medical clearances to providing the necessary medical equipment. 

We can provide professional and timely approvals when you need them most.

All of our certified medical escorts are equipped with Inogen One (G2) Concentrators and Advanced Life support (ALS) medication and equipment.