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IATS stands for Islandwide Ambulance Transportation Services. We are a local ambulance company that has over 12 years of operations in Singapore.

From Singapore to Jakarta and every city throughout Asia, IATS LLP offers the highest level of care and licensed medical crews to care for your loved one or patient.

Our first class air medical transport services include our “personal touch” which is our way of saying nothing is too much to ask.

  • OUR “PERSONAL TOUCH” means we take care of everything for you, just like family. 
  • FIRST-CLASS CARE is provided by IATS LLP from bedside-to-bedside.

We are professionals in the air medical transportation industry. Our staff have years of experience in the air medical transport and are trained to respond to various emergencies.

We operate both during office hours and after office hours. Our medical teams are always on standby to assist you and your organizations.

The advantage is we offer you a One Time flat fee payment.

Don’t worry as our quotes are all-inclusive, meaning they cover all expenses and fees, including aircraft mileage, flight crew, medical consults, landing fees, ground ambulance transportation, and taxes.

We are always contactable through (+65) 9638-4580. You may call us at anytime and we will respond and we can set an appointment for you as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can fill in your details on the form on the right.

1) Latest copy of the Medical Report.
2) Treating Hospital and Doctor details.
3) Receiving Hospital and Doctor details.
4) Patient Details ( DOB / origin )
5) Passport Copy of patient and Companion.

You can read more here: Documents Needed Before Chartering An Air Ambulance

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